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Association Priorities

As an association, our priorities include:

  • Representing contractor member firms who provide quality and safe construction services to serve as the foundation of project development in our communities, our state and throughout our region.

  • To provide a forum of discussion for Ironworking industry issues that allow for solutions designed to improve the industry as a whole.

  • To market Ironworking construction services to users, owners, government officials and developers to increase member market share throughout our region.

  • To promote the Ironworking industry by maintaining positive relationships with other Indiana contractor associations.

  • To provide labor relations services for contractor members, including maintaining a positive relationship with Ironworkers Local 103 and the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements.

  • To market careers in the ironworking construction industry to high schools, vocational schools and adult education programs to generate a robust pipeline of talent to sustain the industry.

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